But the longer and farther I ran, the more I realised that what I was often chasing was a state of mind - a place where worries that seemed monumental melted away, where the beauty and timelessness of the universe, of the present moment, came into sharp focus.

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I do hope that one day running will be my therapy..At the moment I am just trying to get into a walking routine. I have been advised that I should begin running when I’m lighter so I was thinking at 85kg

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I want to do this!! Need to get more fit

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While I can completely understand the logic here when I’m feeling anxious and/or depressed the last thing that I want to do is go out for a run. It’s about developing the habit and making that my way of coping. 

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It’s on my mind all day every day BUT for some reason this makes little difference to my motivation - WHY IS THIS?!

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story of my life!

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